Publishing Opportunities


European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research
ISSN 2411-9563 (Print), ISSN 2312-8429 (Online)


European Journal of Economics and Business Studies 
ISSN 2411-9571 (Print), ISSN 2411-4073 (online)


European Journal of Language and Literature Studies
ISSN 2411-9598 (Print), ISSN 2411-4103 (Online)

European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
ISSN 2411-958X (Print), ISSN 2411-4138 (Online)

European Journal of Multiisciplinary Studies
ISSN 2414-8385 (Online), ISSN 2414-8377 (Print)

Conference Proceedings

All the accepted papers in the proceedings book with ISBN. 

Please refer to Registration menu to submit your abstract or full paper to take part in one of the conferences. Your paper will be included in the  conference proceedings by default. You could see and download the formerly published proceedings book in the past editions of here.

The Editorial Board will publish your articles optioanally, in the edited book as a chapter. The book is with ISBN. You will then, be able to refer your paper as a "Chapter in the Edited Book" in your CV, which would be a good point in your academic career.

If you prefer so, refer the Registration menu above, to submit your full paper to take part in one of the conferences as a chapter in the Edited Book.

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