A. Registration for a Conference

1. I want to register for the conference. How should I proceed?

Please proceed with the online registration with your abstract, poster or full paper. Please find and submit the online form on the conference website accessing via “Registration” tab at the event website..

2. What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is provided at the “Dates” tab on the main menu of the conference website as well as on the home page.

3. Why do I need to provide my address at the registration form?

We need your address to deliver your certificate in case you register but will not be able to come in person.

4. I registered for the conference. Can you send me an invitation letter to apply for a visa?

Please note that we send the invitation letter only to the authors who already registered and paid.

Because, the invitation letter must be digitally signed for authentication purposes. Our system is designed to sign it only to paid authors.

After the first acceptance we will send you an invoice, we will send you the invitation letter shortly after you completed sending the payment.

5. Can I register with an abstract without sending a full text at all?

A full text submission is not mandatory. We can publish only an abstract in the proceedings book.

6. Can I register with more than one paper?

Yes. Please use the online “Registration Form” at the “Registration tab on the event website selecting the “second paper” option after registering your first paper.

7. Is there a maximum number of coauthors to register for the conference?

Yes. The number of coauthors can be up to 5. Therefore along with the corresponding author, the total number of the authors is maximum 6.

8. I have missed the registration deadline. Is there a way to register to the conference?

Please contact the secretary of the conference to ask for a possibility of an extension.

9. Can I withdraw my registration and the paper I submitted to the conference?

Yes. You can withdraw your registration at any time.

In this case we will remove your personal data including the paper from our system.

10. Do you make any refund f I withdraw after making the payment?

Yes. Please refer to the refund policy page for detailed information at:


11. Can I withdraw my paper after it is published on your journals and proceedings?

At such a point it is not in our hands to remove your article from the journal after sometime of publishing. Because the article stays not only in our servers but also in the services which indexed it such as RePEc, Ideas, WorldCat, Sicillit. We cannot interfere in their process to withdraw from their servers.

Shortly, it is impossible not that we do not want but it is impossible because we cannot control 3rd party indexing services.

Could you email a short feedback regarding your reason of withdrawal? This will help us improving the quality of future event organizations.


B. Paper Submission

1. What scientific work do I need to provide during the registration?

You can register with an abstract or full text.

2. Can I register without sending an abstract?

Unfortunately no. We need at least an abstract on which your scientific presentation is based.

3. Can I register with only an abstract and make my presentation based on this abstract, without sending a full text?

Yes, you can register only with an abstract without sending a full paper. In this case, you will make your presentation on the basis of your abstract. We will publish your abstract in the proceedings book with ISBN.

4. Can I register with an abstract first and send my full text later on?

Yes, exactly. The full text sending deadline is given at “Dates” tab on the main menu of the conference website as well as on the home page.

5. What are the abstract format and word limits?

The abstract should be within the limit of 150-250 words with a Title, Name(s) of the author(s), Affiliation and Emails.

There should be at least 5 keywords as well.

An extended abstract can be up to 300 words.


C. Fees

1. What does the conference fee cover?

The fee covers participation to the sessions, coffee-lunch services, a printed certificate, a digitally signed certificate and free journal publishing.

The accommodation and travel costs are not included.

The journal and proceedings book copies are provide in soft copies as print-ready PDF format.

2. What are the registration fees?

The registration and publishing fees are provided at the “Fees” tab on the main menu of the conference website as well as on the home page.

Alternatively, you can see the detailed fee table which is automatically calculated and shown interactively as you select or deselect an item on the “Registration Form” while you register. This form is provided at the “Registration” tab on the main menu of the conference website.

3. Why are you charging fees?

As the conference is self-budgeted, we need to collect fees to cover organizational costs, article processing & publishing, website maintenance, IT services and secretarial works.

4. Are your fees a bit expensive?

We try our best to provide a scientific platform for a big scientific meeting in prestigious universities with a wide international scope of participation which costs a lot for us to achieve. However, we try to keep the fee as low as possible compared to other similar organizations.

5. Can I join the conference without any payment?

Unless we update your status in the registration database as “paid” you will not be included in the conference, I am sorry if this information comes as inconvenient. Please send a payment proof if you have made a bank transfer.

6. My coauthors are registered for the conference but not joining in person, do they still need to pay the registration fee?

Yes, if the coauthors are registered and not joining the conference in person, they need to pay an additional small fee if they want to obtain a certificate each.

If they do not need certification, then they will not need to pay. In this case you need to remove their names from the registration form. Their names and affiliations can still remain in your paper.

7. I tried to make the payment using my credit/debit card and it was declined. Why?

Your attempt to pay with your credit card was not processed due to a failure of your card. At this moment no amount has been taken from your card.

As a solution you may try with another card or contact your bank to resolve the issue.

8. What payment methods do you provide?

We provide three payment methods: credit/debit card (any bank card with the labels Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.), PayPal and bank transfer.

The details about the payment methods are provided to you as an invoice after registration.

9. Can you make waiver or a discount of the participation fee?

As the conference is self-budgeted, unfortunately we are not able to provide sponsorship.

Besides, the costs in a EU city are considerably high such as rental, catering, personnel payments etc.

However, comparing to almost all other conferences in similar standards in Europe our fees are already very low.

Usually faculties do provide financial assistance for academic events participation.

We advise you look for this kind of support from your institution.

10. I have paid via bank transfer but not received a confirmation within the same day. Why?

International bank transfer usually takes several business days. You can email us an image of the transfer receipt to speed up the verification time.

11. Can I make the payment at the registration desk, I cannot pay by credit card nor make a bank transfer?

Please note that we normally do not accept payments on site. Because before-event preparations and efforts for publishing the articles in the books and journals oblige us to be sure of the fee payments of the authors.


D. Registration Type

1. The fee for virtual participation seems less. Can I participate virtually? Yes you can register as a virtual participant and make your presentation in distant without coming to the venue.

2. How does the virtual participation system work?

You register with your abstract or full paper, selecting “virtual” on the registration form as participation type. After the acceptance, we will publish your abstract/full text in the books/journals that you prefer at the form. We will ask you to send a power point or a video presentation file so that we present it at the “Interactive Online Forum” dedicated for the virtual presentations where authors can exchange questions, answers and comments as in the “in-person” meetings. You will receive the guidelines and tools as soon as after your acceptance is confirmed.

3. Do I still receive a certificate of presentation if I participate virtually?

Yes. You will receive the certificate of presentation delivered to your physical address. The term “virtual” does not appear on the certificate.

4. Can I participate as a “Listener” only, without making any presentation?

Please note that you can register as “Listener” to join the conference without publishing or presenting a paper.

Select the “Listener” option at the online registration form available on the conference website.

However, you need to be an affiliated university staff member or researcher to register as a listener. You need to upload your CV to the system proving your affiliation. Otherwise your registration will be rejected.

5. I am not affiliated at a university or a scientific research center. Can I still participate to the conference?

The attendance is uniquely for university lecturers and affiliated researchers. If you comply with these criteria, please register your abstract via online form. You need also a support letter from your university and make the payment for the conference before obtaining the invitation letter.

6. Can I participate as a Keynote?

Yes. Please email a short resume of your CV for this purpose. In the meantime you are kindly requested to proceed with the online registration for participation, using the form below:

After the registration you will receive a letter of acceptation for the participation and a notification from the committee for the keynote position.

7. I want to take part in the editorial board of the conference. What are the requirements?

We are glad that you are interested in participation as a committee member. Please email us your CV upon which we evaluate and provide you a feedback.

In the meantime kindly proceed with the online registration for participation as only authors who join the conference are eligible for committee membership.

After completing your registration with payment you will receive a letter of acceptation for the participation and a notification for the committee membership.


E. Conference Procedure. How it Works.

1. May Paper is Accepted as It is What Should I Do Next?

You do not need to make any further changes on your paper.

We may send it to you again for proofreading though, before publishing finally.

2. How does the acceptance procedure to the conference work?

Once you register with an abstract/full paper, the committee makes an initial review and send a status confirmation to the authors within 5 days.

This initial acceptance status is provided based on the abstract. If the initial acceptance status is provided positively, the authors can freely proceed with the payment.

This acceptance status will not change as a result of the full text review as the reports may result in the acceptance “as it is”, with minor changes” or “with major changes” (There will be no rejection after the initial acceptance).

This procedure is helpful to facilitate your travel planning.

3. I have registered as “virtual”. How will I make the online presentation?

We will provide you an online presentation tool as soon as after you complete the registration by making the payment. You will also receive a proofreading tool.

If you have not received a peer review report, you will have it too, before the conference

4. Can I make my presentation on the second day for the conference?

The second day is reserved only for virtual participants who make live presentations online for public.

This information was provided at the acceptance letters. All the in-person sessions will take place on the first day.

However, if you will not be able to attend on the first day, then, we can also include your powerpoint or video presentation at the online forum platform.

5. How can I go to my author profile?

1. Go the conference website.

2. On the right side of the page there is a section labeled “Go to Your Profile”.

3. Enter your reference code there and click the button to submit.

Your code is sent to your email as soon as after you registered. Please find it there.

On your profile page you will see some useful links that are active for you.

6. I cannot attend to this event due to time constraints. Please inform me for the next edition.

We are sorry to hear that you will not be able to join us this time.

We will subscribe you in our database to receive future emails.

We will be looking forward to seeing you in one of the future ICSS editions.

7. I cannot attend the conference in-person, is there a distant way of presentation?

Yes, you may consider participating virtually.

As a virtual participant, you will have all the privileges as in-person:

Your paper will be published in the proceedings book with ISBN, you will obtain the certificate as hard copy delivered to your address.

If that would be the case please register on the conference website selecting “Virtual” as participation type.

8. I registered to the conference as in-person but due to unexpected circumstances I will not be able to come. Is there an alternative solution?

If you cannot attend to the conference personally, we can change your participation type to “Virtual” to make a distant presentation via online tools we provide.

9. What are the methods of distant presentation?

We provide 3 presentation methods for virtual participants as follows:

1. We provide a video presentation option for virtual participants and this video will stay permanently on our main event website.

2. In case if you do not intend to send a video clip, alternatively you can send us a short resume of your study as a power point file or a poster and we present it on the conference virtual presentation platform.

3. In case you do not provide a presentation, we proceed with your publishing in journal and proceedings book as registered.

As a virtual participant, you will have all the privileges as in-person; your paper will be published in the proceedings book with ISBN, you will have the certificate as hard copy delivered to your address. The term "virtual" does not appear in the certificate.

Your paper will also be published in the journal as you registered.

10. Do my coauthors need to make a presentation as well?

Only the corresponding authors are expected to make the oral presentations. However a group presentation is also allowed.

11. I registered conference and received an initial acceptance letter. Can I apply for a visa?

No. The initial letter of acceptance does not serve as an invitation letter. In order to apply for a visa, you need to complete your registration by making the payment.

12. I completed my registration by paying the required fees, obtained an invitation letter and applied for a visa. However my visa application was rejected. Can you help?

As the visa issues are completely dependent on the embassy, we cannot interfere in their procedure. The only help we could do is to send them a letter of reference when you already have an appointment.

In case you cannot get a visa again, we can change your registration type to “ virtual”.

Alternatively, we can transfer your registration data to our next conference and send you a letter of invitation. This way you can obtain an earlier appointment.

Otherwise we will make a refund in accordance with the refund policy published at:


13. How long is the presentation time in oral sessions?

The presentation time in oral sessions is usually 15 minutes.

14. How is the conference timetable (conference program)?

We have provided the short conference program on your acceptance letter. The detailed timetable with sessions, rooms and hours will be provided close to the conference dates.

15. I cannot open the link you provided?

Some browsers may block direct clicking on links. Type the web address into the address bar of your browser instead of clicking on it.

16. Can I make an oral presentation in a language other than English?

The oral presentations are preferred in English. However if the session audience agree, you can make it in another language in accordance with the session moderator.

The abstract and/or full text must be in English for publishing. This will help increase the citation of your paper as well.

 17. How soon will I receive my certificate?

The digital and printed versions of your certificate are provided on the conference date. If you are a virtual participant, you will receive the digital certificate on the conference dates while the printed version is shipped shortly after the conference and you receive it to your physical address latest within a month.

F. Publishing

1. What should be the full text document format?

The document you submit should be a “Word” document. Please do not convert it to PDF. The format should be a standard Word document with Arial Narrow 9 font. Tables and figures must be in line with the text.

2. What should be the structure of a full text?

There should be an original “Title”, not long not too short. The name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) should be included after the title. The “Abstract” should be between 150-200 words written in a single paragraph. No references should be added in the abstract. There should be at least 5 “Keywords” (not “key words”). The body text should start with an “Introduction” followed by literature review, methodology, analysis, discussion and conclusion. There should be at least 15 “References which must be cited in the paragraphs.

3. Will you publish my full text in proceedings book and in a journal at the same time?

This option is not preferred but allowed if an author strongly needs so. This might be useful in

Please note that you have selected as “No Journal” during your registration and that is why it is published only in proceedings.

The best practice is to publish the abstract in the proceedings book and the full text in a journal. Or just publish the full text in the proceedings book without journal publishing.

However, we allow the full text to be published in both proceedings and in a journal if the author insists. Technically, this is also a legitimate publishing as the proceedings boo and journal are in different indexing status; one is with ISBN and the latter is with ISSN.

4. What are the fees for publishing in EUSER journals?

There is an article processing and publishing fee for the journals.

The fee for each journal is given at the form:


5. When do you publish my article as a chapter in “Edited Books”?

Edited books are published yearly once we collect articles relevant in the field of the book title.

6. The conference is announced in social sciences, which main disciplines are included in the topics?

The conferences will have 5 main sessions in sociology, education, economics, language and multidisciplinary studies. The list of the topics are provided on the conference website.

7. Do you publish only an abstract in a journal?

No. Only full texts are published in journals. (The abstracts can be published in proceedings book with ISBN)

8. Can I directly register for a journal without participating to the conference?

Yes, you can register your paper directly at the journal website without conference registration.

The online form below to register for a journal:


9. Will I receive printed (hard copy) version of the book and journal?

We provide only electronic version of the journal issues. This information is on the registration form. However we also provide a print ready PDF full issue document with a "print ISSN" which gives the authors a possibility of local printing. This version is already paginated in the form of pre-print document. It is also possible to print the generic pages, table of contents and the pages which contain your article to submit to your institution. Usually the authors do this as a common practice which is mostly accepted by their institutions.

10. My paper was published in the proceedings book and not included in a journal. Why?

You might have selected “ None” as the journal publishing preference during the registration and that is why it is not included in any of the journals.

You can still try payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer options.

The links for these methods are provided at your letter of acceptance and invoice.

11. I registered in the conference and opted in for journal publishing. However I sent only an abstract ultimately. Will you publish it?

While you registered and paid also for the journal, unfortunately, we can not publish an abstract in a journal. This is the journal’s policy.


G. Review

1. Is my full text submitted to your conference reviewed?

Yes, there is double blind peer review procedure for every article submitted to our system. The authors will receive at least two reports from the reviewers upon which they are expected to make minor or major revisions and resubmit the final form to be published.

2. I am a reviewer. Do I Receive a Reviewer Certificate?

Please note that we will send you a certificate once you submit the review report.

Upon the confirmation of your report by the editor in chief, you will receive a certificate.

3. How does the review procedure work?

Once you send the full paper we send the (blind version) to at least two reviewers registered in our system (you can also opt in to be voluntary reviewer) according to the field of the paper.

The reviewers will send their reports to our system and then they are delivered to the authors.

The authors will make changes on the paper and send back to the system using the provided tools.

The authors will have a signed report.

The reviewers will have a digitally signed “Reviewer Certificate” from the committee.

Note. The review process will not change the acceptance status of your paper, it is for quality improving purposes.

You can update your full paper and send us an improved version until the full paper deadline

4. I have received a review report, what is next?

As you have received the report already, kindly update your paper accordingly and upload within 2 days, using the tool emailed to you alongside with the report

Please note that the review result is just for improving quality purposes and not for acceptance as your paper has already been accepted.

5. I received the review report too late, what is next?

Regarding the review report, we confirmed initially that its result would not affect the acceptance status of your paper. It was meant for quality improving purposes.

The first acceptance letter which was sent earlier would be sufficient to make payment and receive the invitation letter.


H. About Us

1. Who is EUSER?

EUSER is an interuniversity scientific research center delivering supports and services to education and research mainly in Europe and the Worldwide. In partnership with universities, libraries, community organizations, public agencies, enterprises and other research institutes. EUSER offers a variety of activities to support and promote scientific, social and educational development, international cooperation, including educational programs for students and international education projects, as well as scientific publication and organization of international conferences. The Editorial members are from all around the World.

There are 12 scientific journals published by EUSER (http://journals.euser.org)

EUSER has organized 19 international conferences so far in Romanian Academy Bucharest (4), Iliria University Pristina, SSU University Istanbul, Kelantan GERIC Institute, Sofia, Dubrovnik, Complutens University Madrid, Aalto University Helsinki, Science Park Amsterdam, University of Vienna, Goethe University Frankfurt, Leuven University, Paris, Murcia University and Lisbon University. . The published proceedings book volumes, conference programs and the event pictures can be found at the archive website, http://euser.org/icss

The conferences hosted 7100 authors from 73 countries so far.

2. Is your conference legitimate?

Absolutely yes. The conference has a confirmed list of international editorial board, a dedicated website, a subscription and registration system, physical address, valid contact information, invoice with VAT numbers etc.

However, we understand your concern very well. Kindly refer to the former conferences of EUSER as ICSS series of which all of them completed successfully. Please refer to the past conferences link at:


where you could find all published and still online books , journals, pictures and conference programs for each edition.

3. Are the journal published by EUSER, legitimate?

Absolutely yes.

They all have: a valid ISSN; a permanent website; a DOI number in Crossref database for each issue and each article; indexing in the mentioned services; an international editorial board; a double blind-review report for each article

4. Are the journals indexed in Scopus or ISI?

The journals are not yet indexed in Scopus nor in ISI (Clarivate).

However, the journals are already indexed in other important database such as

Baidu Scholar; CNKI Scholar (China National Knowledge Infrastructure); CNPIEC – cnpLINKer; Google Scholar; J-Gate; KESLI-NDSL (Korean National Discovery for Science Leaders); Microsoft Academic

Naviga (Softweco); Primo Central (ExLibris); ReadCube; Research Papers in Economics (RePEc); Summon (Serials Solutions/ProQuest); TDNet; WanFang Data; WorldCat (OCLC); Sicillit; Ideas

5. What is your email answering time limit?

We usually answer emails within 24 hours.

6. What is your WhatsApp answering time limit?

We usually answer within several minutes.

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